Wednesday, May 7, 2014

41 weeks

The never-ending pregnancy continues!

That's okay; we have been getting so many projects done around the house lately!  It's really exciting to me to be getting so many spaces cleaned out, organized, fixed up, etc. in this old house of ours.

The downside is, if I had known I'd be going 10 days past my due date (as of today anyway), I wouldn't have stopped teaching and gigging three and a half weeks ago.  Not only could we have used the money, but it makes me feel like I've blown my maternity leave time too soon, and I will probably feel stressed about getting back to work soon after the baby comes, which isn't really what I want.

But overall, it has been great to have time off from my work.  Even though I only work part-time, it's amazing what having those extra 12+ hours a week available to me has been like.  Not just in terms of productivity around the house, but it's been sweet to have the extra time with Nell before her little sibling arrives, too.

I made it to 41 weeks {this past Sunday} without getting impatient, but the weekend sort of dragged by, I have to admit.  It's definitely weird to live in this state of in-between, going to bed each night wondering, "Will this be the night?", and then waking up in the morning: "I'm still pregnant!  What?!"  I'm definitely hoping that things get started on their own soon so we can avoid an induction, but also reminding myself that this baby will come when she's ready, I suppose!

Dear little one, 
Come out and join the family, already!  We are eager to meet you, and I am getting more and more curious what you look like, what your little personality will be like, and how you and your big sis will feel about one another. 
Fortunately for your ever-so-slightly impatient Mama, we have some truly wonderful friends who have helped us pass the time.  We've enjoyed spicy Thai food and a game night with friends, Mexican with an array of hot sauces with other friends, and others just stopping by to say hello from time to time.  It's quite nice to keep busy while we wait, that's for sure... but I'm also really looking forward to some relaxing baby snuggles with you once you're here. 

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