Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

We rang in the new year in a rather low-key fashion this year.

In fact, our entire week between Christmas and New Year's was, for the most part, delightfully relaxing. I had entire days on my calendar with nothing, absolutely nothing, written on them.

Do you know how amazing that is?

We loved it.

As the clock rolled over to 2012, we thought we should document the moment with a few iPhone photos. Nathan has insanely long arms, which makes him reasonably good at self-photo-taking.

Unfortunately, he also has shaky hands, which makes him good at blurry photo-taking.

then there was a little of this:

After which Nathan declared, "Okay, enough of this homemade pornography!"

and I began to laugh.

and laugh.

and laugh.

and Nathan photographed my hysterics, naturally.

One of the weirder things about this pregnancy recently has been my proclivity to burst into uncontrollable laughter at things that usually wouldn't tickle my funny bone, or at least not quite to the same degree.

I told Nathan it could be worse; no mean or cranky mood swings, and only once have I climbed into his lap with tears rolling down my face for no reason whatsoever.

So, finding his little jokes disproportionately hilarious really isn't so bad, right?

Happy New Year!

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