Friday, January 20, 2012

ten little life things

It snowed last night! This has been a super unusual Boston winter so far, with this being only our second little snowfall, at least of any amount that really counts.

Earlier this week we witnessed quite a spectacle at the mall. This kid, maybe seven or so, was having a tantrum because the cookie his mom bought at Panera wasn't the kind he wanted. He screamed, he ran in circles, he tried to run away from her, he tried hiding around corners, and eventually he threw himself down and made a dead weight of himself while his poor mother, no doubt mortified, finally just dragged him by the arms, screaming, out of the mall and to the parking lot. And we could hear him screaming all. the. way. to. their. car. Oh man. Nathan and I were trying not to stare, and kept looking at each other like "Wait, we're having one of our own? What have we done?!"

It's kind of a relief to be past the point where I could even think about wearing my regular jeans. I hated that awkward, in-between stage of being thicker around the middle, feeling like I swallowed a cantaloupe whole, yet still being able to technically squeeze into my jeans. I didn't look pregnant but I sure did feel fat. I think that most people are probably just so used to feeling guilty and badly when their clothes get a little too snug, that even if one intellectually knows that this time it's for a good reason... well, for some reason it still made me feel badly about myself. And I didn't need that in my life.

So these days I embrace my pregnant pants.

And I find myself wondering why people don't wear elastic waisted pants all the time? They are comfortable. It's like wearing pajamas all day, and who hasn't wished they could do that?

Aren't these earrings cute? But I am not buying them. Behold my restraint. Earrings are nice, but a baby will be nicer. And that baby will need diapers and things, so you know how it goes.

It is time. School is back in full swing and I must get a good practice regimen going, seeing as how I have to give a master's degree recital this semester. Violin, you and I will be spending some quality time together. We can do this! {That's me trying to be motivated. Was it convincing?}

Hey Boston area friends who are pregnant or may become pregnant! Check out the livingsocial deal for Mighty Aphrodite, a maternity consignment shop in Salem. I went there a few weeks ago with Nathan and I can tell you, any more maternity clothes I need to buy will also be coming from there. Cute clothes from designer labels without the high price tag. And if you're not expecting, but you know someone who is, you can also buy the deal as a gift! {And oh hey, if three people use my link, I get mine for free. So do it.}

Want to know something sad? My husband just doesn't get instagram. I keep trying to show him how fun it is that you can make a picture look a dozen different ways with a tap of the finger, but he remains unimpressed.
He's like, "Oh nice, so you ruined the color in the photo and made yourself look all washed out."

We've been known to fight about it.

And then I have to take instagrams of him and ruin his coloring for revenge, obvi.

Restful sleep is hard to come by these days. I have never minded sleeping on my side, but now that it's the only option {they say you're not supposed to sleep on your back when you're pregnant, and the stomach sleeping is out for obvious reasons}, I find that I wake up throughout the night with my shoulders all compressed in towards each other and it's quite miserable. After Baby makes his or her arrival in May, I am going to relish sleeping on my stomach again.

I found out late Monday night that the three rehearsals and two concerts that I thought were next week had been, unbeknownst to me, moved to this week. So I had to rearrange my schedule really quickly, and I'm cramming to get a few tricky passages of Shostakovich, Arensky, and Mendelssohn learned.

I think I need an exercise buddy. Someone who understands how hard it is to get your tushie out the door for a jog when it's below 20 degrees, but will do it with me anyway. Any takers? {Meeting at the gym for an indoor workout would also be acceptable.}

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  1. Ummmm...if we can get our schedules to mesh...a big "if", I know ;) I would love to at least do some sort of exercise. I am a big fat slob nowadays and even if it was just getting up and going for a walk or jog, that would be brilliant!