Monday, January 23, 2012

we don't do normal

This is the post in which I reveal just how quirky I can be, and how bizarre things can get around here.

A couple of mornings ago Nathan was getting ready to leave for a class, and I was still lying in bed, slowly waking up.

And I said to him, joking of course, "Will you come lick the morning crusties out of my eyes like a mother cat?"

And he replied, "No, I don't have time; I'm running late."

Like my request was totally normal. (It wasn't.)

Like we do that kind of thing around here all the time. (We don't.)

Like if he hadn't been running late, he would have gladly obliged. (I hope not.)

Maybe he was being funny.
Or maybe he hadn't been paying close attention to the nature of my request.
We may never know.

But in the meantime...

Every time I think about this scenario...

I laugh until I cry.

It just cracks me up.

{But as we know, everything cracks me up these days.}

Okay, so we're pretty weird. But we like it that way. We think "normal" people are, well, a little boring.

1 comment:

  1. OK, I would have to agree that you are definitely a bit weird! But I also know that your dad and I are, as well - though neither of us has ever made that request! I guess you can always blame it on bad genes! Being a bit weird makes for a very fun life! Keep it up!