Tuesday, December 27, 2011

what Christmas looks like

it was our first Christmas in our own home, without traveling.

Nathan's family was all here, which was lovely.

it was my first time planning a whole Christmas, doing stocking stuffers and Christmas breakfast and Christmas dinner and everything that comes in between.

the day started off with making my Mom's cranberry coffeecake recipe, a Palmer Christmas morning tradition

the other side of the family has traditions too, so I made Nathan's mom's coffeecake as well.
{this coffeecake is one of those multi-step processes, and may be the reason I got very little sleep the night before Christmas.}

served with eggs and bacon

{Melissa and Roman came for breakfast, but we forgot to take a picture of them!}

there were stockings to open...

and then the gifts, distributed by Andrew, the designated "Santa."

A prank from Andrew for Stevedad, who had requested salami {don't ask me why}: a cucumber, wrapped so as to trick the recipient into thinking it was a salami.

a gift for Baby... from this soon-to-be Mom who just couldn't help herself

a late brunch after church: Andrew's specialty breakfast burritos with orange julius

from Andrew, to Nathan, who does not always excel at arguments, a book of witty comebacks with a particular suggestion thoughtfully bookmarked by the gift-giver.

new gloves for Andrew

and finally, Christmas dinner!

Nathan set the table and photographed everything

dinner is served:
| boeuf bourguinon |
| mashed potatoes {with grapefruit-pomegranate punch in the foreground} |
| mixed greens with candied pecans, pomegranate seeds, and dried cranberries |
| brussels sprouts chiffonade with toasted hazelnuts |

cardamom bread

{and it only took me about 5 hours to make everything... sitting down at the table that evening never felt so good.}

there was cranberry-apple-pear pie for dessert, too.

all in all, I think it was a very merry Christmas!


  1. Yum, Sarah! It all looks so good.

  2. You entertain beautifully. I can't help but think that when I'm pregnant I usually invite friends for potluck spaghetti. :)