Thursday, December 29, 2011

oh look, it's a two-car garage!

When we moved into our new house this summer, the basement, the garage, and much of the house was filled with the previous owners' stuff. It was a short-sale situation where the owners didn't have the time or money to really dispose of their unwanted belongings, or didn't have a new place big enough to put them in, or who knows. Anyway, we got a house with a whole lot of junk thrown in as a bonus. (Hah.) We're still going through stuff in the basement and the attic, a little bit at a time, but as of a little before Christmas, the garage is cleaned out!

This is completely thanks to Nathan. While I was working on making Christmas gifts for family, he made room for both our cars so that when the weather gets snowy, we'll be able to park them in the garage.

Hey hey look at that.

I've never had a garage to park in before.

Nathan also fixed the garage door.

Now, when you open it, the top section of the door doesn't slide off the tracks and fall on your head.

Imagine that!

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