Saturday, February 21, 2009


This morning I decided to try painting a little flower on my toenail. I've always thought designs like these are cute, but I don't pay for pedicures, so... I figured I'd try doing it myself. After doing the flower, it looked incomplete, so I added some scattered dots. I thought it turned out all right - not great, but okay for a first try. That is, until Nathan said, "What's that? A flower and a radioactive symbol?"


  1. haha :) Well, I like it.

    I pay to get pedicures, but....

    I live in California and wear sandals EVERY DAY (except when it rains, so that would be 364 days out of the year)

    I'm diabetic, so I feel justified in having someone get up close and personal with my feet every month.

    Also, I'm pregnant and I can't even SEE my feet these day, much less get to them :)

  2. Sarah, try doing two flowers, at an angle. Also, if you very carefully "pull" each flower petal dot out slightly into points, it looks less kitschy. (Is that a word?) :)