Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Earth Tea

Have you ever tried Good Earth Tea? Their Sweet and Spicy tea is the best tea I've ever had. It's uniquely delicious and tastes naturally sweet.

Well, a week or two ago I went to the company website and filled out a comment saying how much I enjoyed their tea, and asking if they had ever considered offering coupons in the Sunday paper, since other tea companies (such as Celestial Seasonings) regularly offer coupons. Within a week I received the nicest letter from Good Earth, thanking me for my appreciation of their products and encouraging me to try some of their newer tea varieties, as well - and the letter included two $0.55 coupons, each of which will double to $1.10 off a box of tea.

Now, I'm not planning to go all 39 Dollar Experiment on you all, but I do think it's pretty cool that if you tell a company you enjoy their product, you can be rewarded for your consumerism!

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