Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You Win Some, You Lose Some

There are many things that could make sitting in Boston traffic for two hours worthwhile. A paid job, for example, like the proofreading job to which I formerly commuted. A symphony concert perhaps. Or maybe a date to a classy restaurant.

Is a three-hour dentist appointment, which turns out to be the most thorough pointless and painful dental experience of one's life worth such a traffic experience? (An appointment complete with five-millimeter gum-probing with a sharp device, unnecessary and poorly-done dental impressions, rubbery chemical grossness left in my unrinsed mouth for a half hour, and an unsanitary environment in which all of this took place. Oh, and an appointment at the end of which nothing had been accomplished towards filling my cavities.)

I submit that it is not worth it.

In fact, today was a pretty awful day.

Just to end this post on a brighter note, while today may have been the worst dentist appointment I've ever had, yesterday I had the best doctor appointment - more specifically, rheumatology appointment - I've ever had.

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