Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warmer at Last

On the bottom right-hand corner of our computer screen are three little display boxes. One shows the weather conditions and temperature in our city of Beverly, Massachusetts, one displays the weather in my home town of Nevada City, California, and the third shows the weather in Nathan's home town of Erie, Pennsylvania. Most days when I look at these small rectangles I sigh with disappointment - the sun is shining in Nevada City, and the temperature is 50 or 60 degrees.

Today I look at the screen and smile as I lace up my tennis shoes to go for a run. 61 degrees! 11 degrees warmer than it is in Nevada City today! The sky is grey and overcast, and the wind is so strong it blows the door back at me as I try to step outside. It is delightfully warm, and the wind keeps my skin cool and dry as I run on the street just yards from a beautiful beach. The ocean is loud and beautiful, and I allow myself to stop and pick up sea glass - to add to my collection - on the run back.

This kind of weather is invigorating, the beach is enormous and awe-inspiring, and a day like today reminds me that living in Massachusetts isn't so bad. I think that Spring may finally come, after all.

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