Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wonder Woman

Yesterday I discovered that I am a superhero in disguise.

Yesterday I woke up at 7:30, and I wasn't tired. And I didn't have a headache. For a minute I was afraid that if I moved, I might jinx something, but I did move, and I got out of bed, and my body didn't ache. I have no idea what made the difference - it wasn't gluten; I avoided gluten carefully for three weeks, but when I didn't see any difference in my health at all, I stopped eating gluten-free at the recommendation of my doctor. In any case, yesterday I felt absolutely fantastic. I found out that my public school teaching for the afternoon was cancelled, so I had the entire day before me. And guess what I accomplished?

I cleaned the ceiling above the flight of stairs that leads up to our apartment, and then I repainted the entire ceiling, as the old paint had ugly brown water stains from a formlerly leaky roof. I finished two coats of paint by shortly after noon.

I vacuumed the staircase and all of the inside of our apartment.

I mopped the kitchen floor.

I washed the previous night's dishes, put them away, and scoured the kitchen sink until it shone.

I organized my kitchen cabinets, and my linen cabinet, and the cabinet where I keep laundry and cleaning supplies.

I washed, dried, folded, and put away two loads of laundry.

I cleaned the bathroom.

I tidied the bedroom.

And by 4:30 things were neat and clean, and I was showered and dressed and ready to teach a first violin lesson to a new student. We made Bow Hand Bunnies together and imagined peanuts perched on our violins and said little rhythmes, and by the end of the lesson the student was holding her violin with beautiful posture and playing simple rhythms on her open strings with a nice bow hold and a very straight bow.

FavoriteBoy got home from work and exclaimed, "Something's different! You look so great and happy and the apartment looks amazing!"

And I simply replied, "I found out that when I feel good, I'm Wonder Woman!"

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  1. Wonder Woman moods are great. Chad always says "Uhoh! It's time for Getting Things Done With Ruth Ann. Clear the way." heheheh Otherwise I try to suck him into the swell of productivity too.