Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cleaning for Jesus

FavoriteBoy and I are hosting an after-church Easter celebration at our apartment this year, like we did last year, but this year I'm cooking dinner for 15 instead of 10. With all the chaos of getting ready, it's easy to start feeling like I don't have the time to pause and think on the events of Holy Week as I ought to. If only I had a few minutes to read my Bible; if only I had more time to pray...

As I was dusting the windowsills and bookshelves yesterday, it occurred to me that this isn't such a bad way to spend Holy Week. Putting away clutter, sweeping up dustbunnies, rubbing at windowpanes - letting more light come in, and making room for brightly colored hidden plastic eggs to take the place of the grey dust in the corners. Cleaning up a life as much as one small person can, and getting ready for the dazzling whiteness of Easter.

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