Saturday, August 12, 2006


Moving. Tomorrow. My very own apartment. Whoah.

Rent. Hmm.

Why is everything so expensive?

My car broke down and needed a new engine... that didn't help the financial situation.

And I really needed a new prescription and new contact lenses... okay, that's expensive, too.

Oh, and the bill arrived from the x-ray I had when I thought I had broken my knees. Now that I know they weren't broken, can I just retract that x-ray and disregard the bill, please?

And now that I've graduated and can't be covered on my parents' insurance, I should probably get some health insurance of my own, huh?

You know you're a grown up when all the bills start coming to you instead of to your parents.

(The truth is, I've been paying for my own car insurance, clothing, personal needs, books, music, school supplies, and more for many years. Things just suddenly seem more expensive now that it's all on me.)

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