Monday, September 5, 2005


1) Hurrah for Labor Day! Hurrah for no classes!

2) Roommate has been away for the long weekend, but she comes back to me today! I have cared for Squishy in her absence, and thankfully, he is still alive and swimming.

3) Roommate and I have been getting up and going to the gym at 6 am to work out almost every morning. Yeah, we're pretty much amazing.

4) I have received my graduation checklist in the mail. There are no words for the feeling of immense satisfaction I derived from looking at the long list of classes, nearly all of them completed!

5) This morning as I was in the shower, I noticed that my Suave bottle of shampoo claims, "Suave deep cleans and clarifies - for less than the more expensive brands!" I found this advertising technique rather ridiculous; they may as well just say, "Hey look, this bottle of shampoo costs less than any bottle that costs more than this one!"

6) FavoriteBoy helped me set up a wire shelf organizer thingy. It has already improved my quality of life. FavoriteBoy improves my quality of life.

7) This is the end of this list of unrelated facts.

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