Thursday, August 7, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

I'm joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for another {pretty happy funny real} post today. And I'm realizing that I haven't done one of these since before our little Ree was born!  Time flies and all that.


Sunflowers on my mantle!  Sometimes flowers are worth the $3.99 for all the cheer they bring to a room, don't you think?


I was happy to come across this vintage 1950's Amsco 'Doll-E-Crib' metal toy crib for just $15 recently.  It provides a charming home for Nell's babies when she's not playing with them, a place for her to put them for naps, and will be a sweet and charming item to go in her 'big girl' room when we get a second bedroom cleared out and fixed up for her.

She has been having such fun with it, and to go with the vintage crib, I brought my mother's doll 'Betsy' out from storage for a third generation of loving care.


I'm pretty sure Marie wasn't half hidden under the couch when I walked out of the room, but moments later, I came back to this:


Remember those cheery sunflowers?  The big picture looks like this: 

See, we're currently in the midst of a construction project known as Operation Turn The Attic Into An Apartment For The Brother- And Sister-In-Law.  And while it is technically an attic project, it is apparently impossible to limit the work to the attic, it would seem.  And so it was that earlier this week found Nathan drilling holes in our living room wall... oh, and cutting out the back panel of my kitchen pantry, too.

I commented that I was going to spend the rest of the day lying on the dining room table, seeing as that room may be the only room in the house unscathed by construction debris, displaced storage items, power tools, etc.

Yes, it's been the summer of the new baby, but also the summer of the attic renovation.  In other words, almost every minute that Nathan isn't working his day job, he's working on the attic.  We can hardly wait for it to be finished!

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