Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{playing catch-up}: 31 weeks

Let's see, 31 weeks involved lots of pain in my lower back and pelvis (SPD is no joke, people), lots of Braxton-Hicksing (enough that once or twice I lay down to rest and just calm things down a bit), and recovering from a 24-hour stomach bug that left me feeling wiped out for two or three days.

And can I just say, it didn't feel very fair to make it through four months of hyperemesis and then get a stomach bug a couple of months later.  I think I've vomited enough to last me for the rest of my life now, thank you very much.

Dear little one, 
I am generally not a very worry-prone person, but when I came down with a stomach bug of some sort and wasn't sure what might be causing it, I found myself worrying about you.  I wondered if it might be some sort of food poisoning, and I even called the midwifery practice to ask someone if I should be concerned.  The midwife I spoke with assured me that you were well-protected, and fortunately, you survived the experience just fine.   
You weigh over three pounds now, and get the hiccups quite frequently.  I love you, and am so glad you're doing well in there!   
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