Saturday, March 15, 2014

Homemade London Fog {Earl Grey Tea Latte}

Once upon a time, I used to occasionally enjoy drinking a London Fog from Starbucks.  Earl Grey tea, milk, vanilla syrup... it's warm, comforting deliciousness in a cup.  It's basically a charming name for an Earl Grey tea latte, but somehow the name makes it all the more appealing, don't you think?

Well, these days Starbucks isn't within our budget the way it was a few years ago, and hey, that sugary vanilla syrup isn't healthy anyway, right?  So, I make my own London Fogs at home!  It's a nice way to step it up a little from an ordinary cup of tea when I want something that feels ever-so-slightly indulgent.

I can't promise it tastes just like Starbucks's version, but I can promise you that it's cheaper and better for you!

You'll need an Earl Grey tea bag {or loose leaf tea, but I'm not always that fancy}, some honey, a bit of vanilla extract, and milk.  {I used half and half this morning because we were all out of milk}.

Boil your water, steep your tea bag, and add honey according to how sweet you want it.

{You could also use sugar, or any sweetener of your choice.}

Pour in your milk.  {Sometimes I heat my milk up first before adding it.  I even use the steamer wand on my oh-so-fancy $5 yard sale espresso maker if I'm in the mood for steaming it!}

And add the tiniest bit of pure vanilla extract.  A few drops, or maybe 1/4 tsp.

Sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy your homemade London Fog.

I'm sure my little 'recipe' is far from the first to grace the world wide web, but in case you, dear reader, have never enjoyed the sweet comfort of a London Fog on a chilly morning or cozy evening, now you have something new to try.  Enjoy!

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