Sunday, January 19, 2014

{playing catch-up}: 25 weeks

I started migrating into maternity pants around 22-23 weeks into this pregnancy, not because my regular jeans didn't fit at all anymore but just because, um, the right pair of maternity pants can be super comfortable and sort of like wearing pajamas.   But I also sort of had a mini-meltdown because I decided nothing looked good, nothing fit, I didn't have anything to wear, etc.  Nathan was bewildered and not altogether understanding about this turn of events, considering I was pregnant two years ago and seemed able to clothe myself at that time.

Thanks to a gift card from a student, an amazing deal at Gap (additional 50% off maternity clearance items), and some ambitious eBay selling I've been doing, I have some new maternity clothes this pregnancy!  I headed into Gap with my gift card in hand and my friend Cara as a shopping buddy, and ended up getting shirts for $2.00-$6.00 apiece, and two dresses, too (about $15 each)!   Anyone who has ever had to buy maternity clothes knows that they are usually really expensive, so these were some bargains.

Since I've been selling stuff on eBay recently, I knew I could buy extra things, sell them, and make enough to totally cover my own expenses of the new clothes.  Sure enough, I've already sold $80 worth of the extra Gap items I purchased, so... I will definitely come out ahead in this little venture.  I was even able to purchase some extra items to send to my sis-in-law, who is also expecting and actually shares my due date!

Since we're scrimping and pinching around here these days (what else is new?), this was a super fortunate turn of events, and between the Gap sale, a Craigslist purchase, and my sewing machine for alterations, I have a maternity wardrobe that doesn't make me cry every morning when it's time to get dressed, and yes, I'm exaggerating about the crying thing.  {Although pregnancy hormones + getting larger = the occasional meltdown, I admit.}

Anyway, now that I've written more than you ever wanted to hear about my maternity clothes...

From one week ago:

Nell likes to sit on her baby sister.  And sometimes in the early mornings when we're snuggling in bed, I feel the baby kick and show Nell how to pat my belly.  She immediately wants to take it up a notch to smacking my belly, which I'm guessing a) is totally normal toddler behavior and b) bodes for a totally normal and accident-fraught sibling relationship in our future.

{previously: 25 weeks with Nell}

Dear little one,
Your Daddy, who usually has little to no patience for such things, sat down beside me and felt you kick this week.  He totally grinned when that happened, and it made me happy, too.  My midwives say you are right on track in terms of growing, despite the fact that I spent the first part of this pregnancy frequently subsisting mostly on lemonade, triscuits, and Zofran tablets.

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  1. We're so glad you're blogging about this pregnancy now, including photos! And keep those letters coming! They're great! (Mom)