Monday, January 20, 2014

26 weeks

Aaaand after a couple of catch-up posts, we're up-to-date now at 26 weeks!

This baby is lucky to have a pretty cute and pretty great big sister.

Dear little one, 
I feel you moving more and more all the time now, and I can feel the round firmness of what is either your bottom or your head up above my belly button and a little to the right now.  When I give you a nudge, you obligingly respond with more kicks and wiggles.  It's nice to be past the sickness part of this pregnancy and into the more enjoyable part of watching the little twitches and shudders and feeling you move.  My lower back and hips have been hurting lots for the past few weeks - another sure sign of your presence, but not one I particularly enjoy! 

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  1. I thnk it's such a lovely idea and so cute that you're writing small notes to your unborn baby. Something nice to be able to look back on how you were feeling at that moment.