Monday, October 15, 2012

The One Thing

Happy Monday!  It's time for my 'The One Thing' post, this time with a link-up, since some of my readers and friends wanted to participate.  So write your own posts, link back here, and use the link-up feature at the bottom of this post!

{Don't forget to link to specific posts, not just your home page.}

Inspired by Mark Twain, the One Thing series is all about making life manageable by taking on one thing a day, one project or task or errand outside of the daily essentials.  This is my way of avoiding my usual pitfalls of making extensive to-do lists, starting lots of projects, getting overwhelmed, and not finishing anything.

{Based on many of your comments, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one with this problem.}

To keep myself accountable to my One Thing resolution, I report back here on Mondays with my little accomplishments from the previous week... and invite you to join me.

Last week, by following my One Thing a Day plan, here are a few of the things I accomplished:

I dug up a wilted and floppy clump of day lilies from a small circular bed in the front yard.  They had been there since we moved in, and while I like day lilies, they're all over the front yard and I wanted to use this particular space for something else.

{Digging up day lilies, by the way, is a huge pain.  I'm pretty sure they'll still be sprouting up again next spring even though I tried to be very thorough... so I imagine it'll be an ongoing project to really rid the space of them.}

Once I had dug up the lilies, into the ground went chrysanthemums I picked up at a nearby plant nursery.


While I did this gardening, Nell sat outside with me.  She really enjoys being outdoors!

Then, I also spruced up our hanging baskets with some purple asters, since the pansies and violas of summer were long gone.

I added a mum on the doorstep to go alongside a couple of pumpkins, and I think the front yard looks considerably better now.

And I made an autumnal garland for the mantel, using styrofoam gourds I already had on hand (I had intended to do this project last fall, hah!), jute twine, and Nathan's drill.

I got the idea for this garland from Kimba at A Soft Place to Land.  I had wanted to use brown jute twine, but the place I was shopping only had green, and when you have a baby with you and limited time to accomplish your errands... well, let's just say I wasn't going to go searching all over town for the brown stuff.  Oh well.

My favorite part of doing this project was undoubtedly the way I was able to emasculate Nathan's drill as I worked on it, saying things like, "This drill is just perfect for doing a little craft project, honey!"  He was wincing; I was laughing.  Fun.

Oh, and another of my One Thing daily projects -- I wanted something new and different here on the blog too, so I made a new blog header.

But the most important of the things I did last week?  I kept Nell and myself healthy despite the fact that Nathan was running a temperature of over 103!  Phew!  We're probably not totally out of the woods yet, but I'm feeling pretty good about our chances at this point.


  1. Thanks for reading my post on Friday! I'm realizing that what started out as a "little things" post in my head turned out more like a "here's what I've done" post. A thought for you... Maybe "little things" on Monday when we could all use a positive thought to start the week, and a "one thing" post on Friday, when it's easier to reflect on what was accomplished in the week? Either way, I think both are great themes!

  2. So last week I really had the best of intentions to actually participate in these themes you are doing - I really like them and I think they are a great idea. But trying to remember to do them and trying to think what to write? Yeah, that just didn't happen. I will try to keep it more in mind this week... Thanks for the encouragement to reflect a bit!

    And I really like that pumpkin garland - and I love the part about emasculating the drill.