Thursday, October 18, 2012

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After being a long-time admirer of Auntie Leila and her family, and a long-time follower of the blog Like Mother, Like Daughter, I'm finally participating for the first time in {pretty, happy, funny, real}.


My pretty baby girl in a pretty sweater.

Did you know that H&M carries baby clothes?  And that occasionally they go on sale and you can find items for $5 and even less?  While I prefer hand-me-downs and thrift store finds, this little birdie sweater was too pretty to pass up.


Happy... Birthday!  To my husband Nathan, who turned 28 yesterday.

We celebrated with a late dinner of french bread pizza and salad, with oatmeal spice cake and french vanilla ice cream for dessert.  All his requests, of course.  

As to the lateness of the festivities, he was in a rehearsal until 8 pm and not home until close to 8:30.  Which, actually, was better than we had thought it would be -- I thought he'd have a rehearsal until 10:00 that night, until he called me in the late morning and told me it had been cancelled.  Oh, the crazy schedules of musicians.

I think he liked having a daughter to sit on his lap this year as he ate cake and ice cream.

(Who wouldn't?)


A wet-haired baby girl, blowing raspberries to her heart's content.


Our dear, crazy, frustrating, promising old house, very much a work-in-progress sort of house (it was built in 1917, which actually seems rather young to us, since our first house was built in 1852!) has no outlets in the downstairs bathroom.  Someday we want to put in a master bath, since our bedroom is downstairs, and turn the itsy bitsy, quite ugly green bathroom downstairs into a powder room.  So, there really hasn't seemed to be a point to put in electrical now when we want to completely overhaul the space as soon as we can afford to do so.  

Consequently, I've used an outlet in our bedroom to plug in my hair dryer for most of the past year.

Until our baby was born, that is.  Since Nell sleeps in our room for now, and I put her to bed for the night before I take my shower, these days I dry my hair... at the kitchen table.

And if that isn't real life for you, with all its oddities, I don't know what is.

I just use the time as I'm blow drying to imagine that someday-bathroom of the future.  It will have a sink with a real countertop and elbow room for washing one's hands without banging into the walls on either side.  It will have a shower big enough to bend over in, with shelves in it for shampoo and soap.  And I'm pretty sure it will have a place to plug in a hair dryer.

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  1. We had no outlet in our ugly green bathroom either (in the Old Haus, circa 1944). Well, it did originally, but it was attached to a light fixture that kicked the bucket within six months of our moving in. I was scared to use it anyway.

    I sometimes miss the eccentricities of an older home. What I miss most is the hardwood floors, though. We moved to a home with much more space for our growing family, but that came with white carpets. I still wonder who thought that was a good idea.