Friday, October 12, 2012

it's the little things

It's Friday!  Time for another 'it's the little things' post.

{not to be confused with the One Thing... apparently I write a lot about 'things' here on this blog.}

Just my way of celebrating and remembering the small things as well as the momentous ones; the little everyday things that make life good.

And you know you don't want to miss Nell's first video appearance on the blog.

{see number 1.}

Want to remember the little things in your own life?  Write your own blog post (linking back here), and then use the linky at the bottom of this post to share your little things - one or five or however many you want!


Nell is particularly enamored with the sound "Zzz" lately.

A friend of ours brought her a little stuffed bee from Japan, and oh, how she loves to hear it (aka Mom) buzzzzzz.

We also do lots of "zzzzzzip!" sounds around here when putting on or taking off pajamas with zippers.  Such fun.

{Please excuse the crooked video.  The videographer was busy buzzing a bee around while taking the video.}


Nell loves going outside!  And I love going outside with her and watching her take it all in.

{A blurry photo of a joyful baby smile and a tired-looking mama.}

The other day I picked a little chrysanthemum bloom and held it out to her.  Using her new grasping skills, she reached out for it, deftly seized it, and immediately crushed it gleefully!

A real nature-lover, this girl.



Oatmeal with almond butter, sliced banana, and the new coconut chips from Trader Joe's, to be exact.  A new favorite combination of mine.


Driving through scenic Ipswich every Thursday is so lovely it almost makes me want to live there, even though it's farther away from the gigs I play and the jobs Nathan has, and is generally less convenient to most places.

But it's just so beautiful.  Split rail fences, cows grazing, barns standing on rolling hills, pumpkin patches everywhere you turn, and pots of fall flowers adorning nearly every picturesque doorstep.  What's not to love about that?


And now for something literally little: germs.

Nathan has lots of them right now.  The poor guy has had a fever over 103, and feels wretched.  And guess what?  My motherly protective instincts officially trump any desire or duty to care for my husband.  It's all "don't go anywhere except the bedroom and the bathroom, and don't touch anything, and don't come near us, and Nell and I are sleeping up in the guest bedroom, and I'll leave a plate of toast and a glass of water for you by the door" around here these days.

I feel like a lousy wife.  Fortunately, Nathan, being a good Dad, is totally on board with my neglect of him in favor of trying to keep myself and Nell healthy.

I think I Lysol-ed the whole downstairs today.  And as those who know me are aware, I'm totally not that type.  I had to go to CVS to buy Lysol, because we didn't even have any.  I'm usually the apple-cider-vinegar-drinking, garlic-taking, all-natural kind of girl when it comes to illness.

I guess having a baby can really change a person.

{Of course, I'm still taking my vinegar and garlic and vitamins, too.}


  1. Love your "Little things" series. :) Sadly, though, I can't see the video of sweet Nell as it's set to "private".

  2. Sure, I'll join! :)

    Love Nell laughing. Baby laughter is the best.