Saturday, June 30, 2012

the blog post that made me tear up

My sister Emily sent me a link to this blog post: Dear Moms With Little Babies.

And it is so worth reading... if you are a mom of a little baby, and maybe even if you aren't.

I had been wondering why I wake up with a to-do list every morning, and by evening it's longer than it was, not shorter.

Why needing to get out of the house and run two errands seems akin to climbing Mount Everest, and gets postponed day after day.

Why finding a clean outfit that fits me each morning seems impossible.

Why one task or project (planting a garden, finishing Nell's curtains, weeding the yard, finishing and hanging the coat racks I've been making, returning a single item to Babies R Us, organizing Nell's clothes by size, getting a clothes hanging rod installed in her closet, etc...) seems to take an entire week (or, let's be honest, never get done) when it should take an hour or a day.

Just because Nell needs to be bathed each morning, needs to be fed every two hours and changed every three, just because there are diapers needing to be washed every third day and other baby laundry needing to be done just as often, just because while handy, a baby bjorn or ergo baby doesn't make doing chores as easy as they'd be without twelve pounds of cuteness tied in front of you, just because I sometimes need to sleep for two hours with my baby each afternoon...

...oh.  That's why.  That's why I'm making so little progress on the ever-growing to-do list.

But you know what?  I get to spend almost every moment of my days with Nell.

And I wouldn't want it any other way.

After all, the laundry and the dishes don't smile and coo at me.

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