Monday, June 11, 2012

the 29th birthday

June 10th was my 29th birthday.

In the morning, I walked out into the kitchen to find this on the counter:

An assortment of goodies from Trader Joe's, from the bro-in-law Andrew!

After church, Nathan, Andrew, Nell and I strolled around the mall for a bit.  This provided Nathan with a last minute shopping opportunity, which apparently he needed.  We came home with fancy soap from Williams-Sonoma:

And chocolate!

And later on, we went out to dinner, where I had a delicious kale salad.  Nell provided excellent company beside me in her carseat:

{sound asleep}

Wow, next year I'll be thirty.

And have a one-year-old daughter!

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I got to see your mom and dad on your birthday. Fun for me!