Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the last day of grad school

Today was my last rehearsal of grad school, my last class of grad school, and my last performance of grad school.

As it turns out, two years can go by pretty quickly.

Last night I had sent my friend and fellow student Melissa an email entitled "our day: the official plan."

The email read:

1. Drive to Boston together
2. Red Mango
3. Quartet rehearsal
4. Improv class
5. Dinner someplace delicious
6. Honors concert performance
7. Pinkberry
8. Drive home, having totally conquered life.

We had to alter my master plan slightly, because a) frozen yogurt twice in one day is too decadent even for the most significant of days and b) Melissa had a lesson during dinner time, but other than those changes, we stuck to the plan, and finished the day as life-conquerers.  Or at least almost-violin-masters.

We carpooled to school for the last time ever.

At quartet rehearsal, I took a picture of my bow beside Melissa's bow.  Our bows are siblings, both made by Pierre-Yves Fuchs.  I got mine last year and she got hers this spring.  We love our bows.

Tulips are still in bloom outside the church across from BoCo.

I went to my last improv class -- a class I've really loved, with a hilarious and insightful professor and wonderful fellow students.

Oh BoCo.  I think I'll probably miss you sometimes.

I thought the last day of grad school deserved a real dinner, and not just some hastily-packed PB&J from home, so Miriam and I went to Pho Basil.  I got drunken noodle with tofu.  Nom nom nom.

{Hey, I went to Pho Basil on my last day of school last spring, too!}

Then it was concert time.  My quartet had been chosen to perform in the Honors Chamber Music Concert, one of five groups selected.  We played Beethoven.

By the time we realized we should take a picture, Miriam had already left for home.  Oh well, three out of four is something, at least.

{A nice washed out picture... thanks, iPhone.}

Then it was time for Pinkberry.

I got peach frozen yogurt with strawberries, pineapple, and sliced oranges.


We enjoyed our expertly-swirled deliciousness.

And then we drove home.

The end of an era, I think.

Up next in life:

Commencement and/or having a baby, depending on which one comes first.

You never can tell with babies, after all.

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  1. Wow - congratulations from here as well! It was a lot of work, especially during your first trimester! You persevered and have done it!