Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Little Month

April 11.

April 11 is one month away from May 11.

May 11 is Baby's due date!

One tiny month (give or take) left until we meet our baby... where has the time gone? It really doesn't feel like it's been over eight months since that positive pregnancy test one early September afternoon.

I commemorated the one-month countdown by trying out my first prenatal yoga class.

Actually, make that my first yoga class ever, pregnant or otherwise.

I really enjoyed it. I think I'll make it a weekly occurrence until Baby makes his or her appearance.

Also, I've been going for long walks now that my master's recital is over and my life is a little (or even a lot) less crazy. Spring is springing up all over, and the world is beautiful.

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  1. I'm counting the days down too! Can't wait to meet your little one!