Friday, April 6, 2012

35 weeks

It's Holy Week, and that means lots and lots of hours spent in church, since both Nathan and I sing in the church choir. Just between yesterday and this evening, I think we spent seven hours in church services.

It's funny, I don't remember all the standing making my back and my feet ache as much last year. I don't recall the singing, or even just breathing for that matter, being so difficult. And I certainly don't think that last year I would have almost toppled over during the slow processing.

I suspect that all of this has something to do with a few {cough cough} extra pounds weighing me down, a little baby bottom pressed against my lungs, tiny feet kicking me in the ribs, and my center of balance being considerably abnormal these days.


  1. Wow, just five more weeks! So glad that your folks got to visit and they are always such a help.
    Jo Miller

  2. You are one cute pregnant mama! I love the little sailboat mobile your parents made, too. That is one loved little baby growing in there, lucky to have you and Nathan as parents and for it's place in both your family trees. Good luck with everything!