Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unintentionally Orange and Other Stories

Today I:

Woke up and thought to myself, holy heck, it's February already.

Realized that there are exactly 100 days left until Baby's due date.

Had a strawberry-banana-chia-spinach smoothie for breakfast.

Climbed the stairs up to the fourth floor at school -- four times.

Played Tchaikovsky.

Packed myself a lunch to take to school, and didn't notice until I took it out to eat it that everything was orange: a spicy orange tortilla from TJ's spread with hummus and rolled up, a bag of baby carrots, and two clementines. {Served up atop my violin case in a hallway at school. Very gourmet.}

Played in a quartet (violin, piano, marimba, trombone) in improv class and really liked what we came up with.

Heard my name shouted across a room and was greeted with a big smile -- funny how an enthusiastic greeting can just make your day.

Had a violin lesson on Biber and Ives.

Had a slightly sore throat and runny nose all day.

Was told by a friend that I looked like an actress.

Drove home in the light rain.

Ate an organic fuji apple with peanut butter.

Altered a thrift-store pair of maternity jeans to be straight-legged instead of flared, and just the right length instead of slightly too long.

Felt my baby thumping around inside of me all day long.

Thought about how very, very different my life is going to be in just 100 days, give or take.

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