Monday, February 27, 2012

a series of firsts, and a nickname for baby

In the past week:

| 1 |

The employee at Home Depot who rang up my items said, "Good luck with your baby!"

{First time a stranger went out on a limb to assume that yes, I'm pregnant.}

| 2 |

A student's mom asked me if the nursery was all ready for the baby.

{First time of what I predict to be many to come that I'll be asked this, and the answer is no, not even close.}

| 3 |

At an orchestra concert, someone told me I looked pretty.

{Felt like the first time in a while that someone had commented on my appearance, and not just my rapidly-expanding size.}

| P.S. |

Not that I necessarily mind people remarking on Baby's growth, but it's funny how a pregnancy seems to make people feel entitled to scrutinize, analyze, and comment on one's personal appearance.

"Stand up and turn sideways so I can see your belly!"
{um, no. would you like it if I asked you to stand up and turn sideways so I could thoroughly examine your physique?}

And then there's all the unsolicited advice... don't even get me started.

I just keep smiling and reminding myself that everyone means well.

| and finally... |

My midwife thinks that my concern about gaining too much weight shouldn't even be on my radar, and that I am totally fine.

And on Saturday a woman said, "You don't look like you're already in the third trimester!"

So pooh-pooh to the husband and the brother-in-law, who daily say to me, "You. Are. Large."

{They make me laugh and keep me humble!}

It seems that Baby and I are doing pretty okay, and Baby is right on target in terms of size.

Oh, and also? This baby is super athletic. They say you should feel at least five movements an hour (or ten in two hours) to monitor that the baby is doing well and is active enough. How about five movements a minute? Is that enough? Seriously, this little one is a mover and a shaker. And a night-owl.

I have taken to calling it "Batbaby," firstly because of the lounging upside-down thing, secondly because of the late-night all-night grooving that goes on, and thirdly because of the super-hero-level athletic acrobatics.

But I predict that Baby will be much cuter than a bat, of course.


  1. I love your nickname for baby! Mine is a mover and a shaker as well. I've never felt the need to count movements because there are certainly plenty of them!

  2. Sarah, I love your posts! :) You are so beautiful and so funny! I can't wait to meet your batbaby! :)