Tuesday, December 6, 2011

baby's first photo shoot

Last Friday was my ultrasound, the anatomy scan usually done around 18 weeks to make sure the baby is growing properly and proportionately. I was only 17 weeks, but that's when my midwife scheduled it for, and since we're choosing not to find out the gender, there was no need to wait until a later time when they could be more certain about that.

Baby was moving around wildly during the ultrasound, which was no surprise to me because I can often feel his or her antics these days, but it was pretty amazing to see those little limbs thrashing about.

{Sorry Baby, you got your fidgety nature from me. I'm 28 years old and I still can't sit still.}

I loved the technician who did the ultrasound. She was professional, but also friendly and funny. She always referred to Baby as "your baby," and never "the fetus" or something clinical like that. At one point she even said, "This baby is so cute!"

Which, of course, is true.

And maybe she says that about every one of the dozens of ultrasounds she probably does weekly, but she said it with such sincerity that I could pretty much believe that our baby was the cutest, most photogenic, most perfect baby she had ever beheld on an ultrasound.

Here's our little one's head, with his or her hand up beside the mouth.

Isn't it the most perfect head you've ever seen?

Yes, I thought so.

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