Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Battling Colds

Thanks to a piano student who recently showed up to her lesson with the words, "I have a bad cough, and my throat kills!" (What are some parents thinking?!), FavoriteBoy and I are both nursing sore throats, runny noses, and coughs today. Because Nathan is such a great husband, he stopped on his way home from a rehearsal this evening to pick up a bag of oranges for me to juice.

While vitamin C is my weapon of choice when going to battle with a cold, Nathan has a different method. After handing me the bag of oranges, he pulled out the items he picked up for himself: chocolate milk, chocolate pudding, and pizza rolls.


  1. If we lived nearby, I'd bring you some of my specialty: homemade lemon pepper chicken soup with ginger. :-D Confiscate all that chocolate and pizza!! heheh

  2. Chop up some fresh ginger, submerge in hot water for a few minutes, add honey. The Germans love it.