Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Romantic

FavoriteBoy loves to trick me. He'll lean in to kiss my cheek and then blow a raspberry on my face instead, or hug me tenderly - and then scrape three days of stubble across my face while laughing. Tonight, after a raspberry on the neck, I made a sour face and muttered, "That's not romantic!" FavoriteBoy, laughing so hard he had muppet-eyes*, replied, "Why do women assume men are always trying to be romantic? Do they really think a man's number one goal is to be romantic? Obviously I blow raspberries on you because it's hilarious, not because I'm trying to be romantic!"

*When FavoriteBoy laughs really hard, his eyes squinch up and get puffy bits on the top and bottom just like the muppet Waldorf. Click the link to check out the picture, but imagine a FavoriteBoy grin instead of a solemn muppet face.

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