Thursday, April 19, 2007

Caramel Bliss

I awoke with a stiff neck and a dreadful headache. The headache was only exacerbated by an early-morning piano student who, after four months of lessons, still can't seem to find middle C. Feeling miserable and slightly cranky, I headed to the store to pick up some groceries. I couldn't help thinking that I would - just incidentally - be passing right by Starbucks, and a tall caramel macchiato could certainly help alleviate my headache. (Everyone knows a principal ingredient in many pain relief medications is caffeine!) I determined that I would pull into the Starbucks lot and just check for parking. There's never parking at Starbucks, so most likely my craving would have to go unattended. But there was one parking space! It was directly in front of the door. It was meant for me! The headache, the perfect parking space, the gift card in my purse, and the caramel macchiato just yards away from my grasp... the stars were aligned. It was meant to be.

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