Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Roller Coaster

My Mom is continually in need of prayer. She was recently transferred home from the hospital, and the transition has not gone as smoothly as we had all hoped it would.

Think of my sister, too, who is overdue to give birth to Thomas, and needs rest and strength to prepare for labor whenever it finally begins in earnest.

Jenn's grandma died recently, and I'm sure her family seeks comfort as they miss her and feel the loss of her presence in their lives.

A few weeks ago it was discovered by a nurse in the hospital where my Mom was that my Dad's blood pressure was through the roof - "a stroke waiting to happen." He went to the ER and was monitored for a while and eventually put on medication to treat the problem. Certainly the strain of my Mom's condition has Dad, her primary caregiver at this point, under a lot of pressure. It's really hard for all of us, but Dad does the day-to-day work of helping Mom. I know that Emily, Jonathan and I miss her and want to be with her and wish we could help...I've never felt as torn as I've felt these past three months. Mom and Dad need me... Nathan needs me. We could consider moving back to California when Nathan finishes his final semester of piano lessons... but my parents don't want us losing all that we've established here in Massachusetts - jobs, students, teachers, opportunities, friends.

Anyway, it was really scary to hear that about Dad. Every child knows that someday her parents will most likely need some kind of care, but I never imagined I'd need to grapple with these questions and issues at the age of 23. And my Mom is only 49. Too young for all this.

Obviously, things are rough for my family right now. It's strange: I feel like a pendulum swinging back and forth between great joy and great sorrow. My life is a roller coaster of emotions right now. I spend the evenings with Nathan feeling blissfully happy; I call home and want to cry. And of course, we all exult in Mom's overall progress, but are also constantly aware of the long road ahead.

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