Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Strappily Ever After

'After all, says etiquette expert Letitia Baldrige, a bride is supposed to look beautiful, not like a babe, when she walks down the aisle.'

No offense to friends who wore or plan to wear strapless for their wedding, but I do find this article very true!

When I was wedding dress shopping, it was nearly impossible to find a dress with any sort of strap or sleeve whatsoever. Women at bridal shops thought I was crazy to even want sleeves! When I would explain that I preferred that style, and that it seemed more appropriate for a wedding in the dead of winter anyway, they'd say, "Oh, you're getting married outdoors?" Oh good grief...In JANUARY in Erie, Pennsylvania?! No, I just want sleeves please!

I think the article hits the nail on the head for several different points. First of all, very few people actually look their best in a strapless gown. Secondly, if you're having a traditional wedding and people over the age of 40 or 50 will be present, it's likely that a number of your guests will think you're a skank rather than a blushing bride; baring your shoulders and back freely is a relatively recent trend for brides. I chose a lacy sleeve not only because it was what I wanted and thought would be most flattering, but also because I considered it more appropriate.

But wow, it is sure hard to find anything other than strapless these days. I ended up wearing a strapless gown with a lacy jacket over it. And I still had to hold the dress up with double-sided fashion tape, as my alterations had not been done well enough.

Keep in mind that I'm not saying it's a terrible look for everyone! I've seen a few people look stunning in strapless. But it wouldn't have worked for me.

Hat tip to Jessica for the link to the article!

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