Thursday, March 9, 2006

Levine Takes a Fall

Practiced 6 hours today.

Earned $58.00 today.

In other news, oh Jimmy! Remember how I said I heard Beethoven's 9th at the BSO and it rocked? I forgot to mention the incident of which this article speaks, but yeah... I was so totally AT that particular infamous concert! The fall occurred on bow number, oh, I don't know... 2 or 3 or 47 or something. James Levine just slipped off the podium and SPLAT. The applause died instantly and there was a collective gasp throughout Symphony Hall as everyone waited in silence. When he got up again, the place burst into applause again. Then, he did a little jig - kicked both his feet out to the sides with a silly look on his face - and bowed again. Apparently he wasn't as injury-free as the jig indicated. Poor Jimmy.

1 comment:

  1. oh, poor jimmy indeed! is it twisted that i feel special to have been present at the infamous concert? and at least it happened at the end and didn't interrupt BEETHOVEN FUCKING 9!! ;) which, by the way, i truly did enjoy hearing--i feel like my disappointment with the horn section overshadowed my excitement...but i had goosebumps for the whole 4th movement. i am in love with beethoven; if he were alive today, i swear i would have a passionate affair with him.