Saturday, March 11, 2006

First Conversation

Oddly enough, FavoriteBoy and I realized that today marks 2 years since our first conversation. We were reminiscing about how the first time we talked was on AIM over Spring break two years ago... and then he found that original chat in his DeadAIM logs!

Have I mentioned that technically, we met over iTunes? Yeah. Spring break. Not very many people on campus. Not much to do. I was listening to FavoriteBoy's music over the school network, and his user name on iTunes included his screenname. I IMed him, because he had some of my violin teacher's recordings, and I was curious who he was. Of course, we're both music majors in the same department at a relatively small Christian school, but we hadn't really met or talked in person until that point. And the rest, ladies and gentlemen, is as they say... history.

Maybe we should send a testimonial to iTunes.

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