Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Yesterday, I seem to have injured my left knee while running.

Today, I am walking with a limp.

In a few minutes, I am going to the dentist to have two little cavities filled. I think the word "terrified" would not be too dramatic to describe my feelings at the moment.

Tomorrow, I am flying standby with a red pass to Southern California, where I will play my violin in my friend Courtney's wedding. Many of the details concerning my flight, my transportation once I arrive, and the music for this wedding have still not fallen into place. However, more of the details are in place today than were last night, when I finally collapsed into bed with tears on my face, worried that nothing would work out right. And I have hopes of even more details being in place before I board the plane tomorrow.

On either Sunday or Monday, I will fly back home.

The following Friday, I will board another plane and fly to DC to attend the wedding of my dear friend Story.

The next day, I will fly to Boston. I'll be back at school early. That's what we call cram time for practicing. And this means that in 10 days I will see FavoriteBoy.

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