Thursday, April 9, 2015

the long winter, and the long-awaited spring

We've had a long winter here.  Blizzards and feet upon feet of snow, and it seemed as thought it would never end.  Weeks cooped up with little ones, yards and sidewalks buried in snow and temperatures far too cold for outdoor play anyway.

It's funny how winter is so much fun at first -- hot cocoa!  snow days!  beautiful flurries falling past the windows! -- and then by March you can just be so done with it all.  Here it is April, and it snowed yesterday.  We were all just rolling our eyes about it.  Seriously, winter?

But we've had a few warm days, too, enough to melt the snow down to brown, ugly grass in some places.  And we have the promise of more warmth to come tomorrow and in the days that follow.

I've been realizing that with the promise of warm weather is coming a sort of warmth to my heart, too.  I felt purpose in doing some much-needed spring cleaning recently.  I've smiled at my kids more and enjoyed their giggles a little bit more than I think I did during the long days of February.  I'm dreaming of long walks on spring and summer days, perhaps ice cream in the evenings from time to time, messy toddler art projects out-of-doors, and trips to water play places where the little ones can splash and we can all feel the warmth of the sun on our long-deprived skin.

Come on, summer!  I can hardly wait!

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