Thursday, October 2, 2014

a post of no significance whatsoever

The purpose and meaning of this post may be hard to discern.  I'm not sure I can think of one, myself.  But I've never let a lack of content stop me before, so here goes.

Once upon a time, by which I mean yesterday, I dressed Nell in the following outfit.  I chose it 90% for the cuteness factor, and 10% to get a rise out of Nathan.  Okay, maybe it was 50%/50%.

Nathan thinks that wearing shorts with tights is among the most absurd things a person could possibly do.

So naturally, I took pictures with which to taunt him.

{the above is her "funny face."}

{and that one is her "camera face"}

Then, since it was 10:00 am and I had already started a fresh batch of kefir, started two quarts of yogurt culturing, bathed and dressed myself and both kids, nursed the baby twice, and fed Nell breakfast...

-- in other words, it was an unusually productive morning, in that I wasn't still wearing my sweat pants and rubbing my eyes while Nell ran around in underwear and a pajama top --

...I decided that we shouldn't let a morning with all three of us wearing actual clothes go to waste.

So we went to the mall, for the first time since early August, I think.  We are pretty much keeping that place in business.

Naturally, once we were in the car, it started pouring.  And I had left my umbrella at home.  So, any sense of victory I had been experiencing over my highly productive morning was quickly squelched.

I did witness a flock of geese just hanging out in the parking lot, though, and they were cute.

We were sucked in by the lure of H&M and their surprisingly adorable kids' clothes, freshly marked down with $3 items everyone you looked.  I decided to take the opportunity to fill in some gaps in the girls' wardrobes with a couple of fall sweaters and other such necessities.

Then I felt guilty because everyone knows H&M is probably underpaying their poor workers in Bangladesh and Cambodia and such places.  And that reminded me why I usually shop at thrift stores.

We arrived home looking like drowned rats.

And that reminded me why I like to stay home in the mornings.  In my sweat pants.

The end.

P.S.  If you ever want to get lots of comments / compliments on how cute your kids are, hit up the mall in a weekday morning.  It's prime Elderly People At The Mall Time.  And they will all stop you and admire your children.  Every last one of them.  Totally made the trip worth it.


  1. Thanks for the great post! (And sorry, Nathan, but I have to agree that the shorts and tights are really cute!)

  2. I find that "posts of no significance whatsoever" usually are the most significant :) I love the little things in life so much. And that outfit on your little girl is too cute!