Sunday, November 20, 2011

twinkles and pizza

My little Montessori school violin class performed earlier this week at a weeknight school "coffee house." I was so proud of them for learning their Twinkle variations and theme so well. And I couldn't help being pleased to hear more than one teacher or parent comment with apparent surprise, "I thought the beginning violins would sound the worst of all the beginners, but they sound great!"

After the violins had performed, a wandering flutist in fourth or fifth grade was looking for the program order, and I pointed it out to her and showed her which performance was about to begin. She declared, "Thank you! See, the world isn't all evil and corrupt after all. Thank you for being helpful."

Kids. So funny.

But right after that, someone took the last piece of pizza that I had been eyeing.

So maybe the world is corrupt.

It makes you wonder, anyway.

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