Monday, November 21, 2011

funny moments

We are having a lot of fun and happy moments around here. Baby is lovingly referred to as "our little guy" ('guy' being used in the gender-generic term, of course) and is referenced quite often.

Some of my favorite moments are the ones where Nathan makes me laugh. Like these recent happenings:

the first

One of the strange things about this pregnancy has been that I'll get fits of teeny tiny burps. Fortunately for the greater public, the burps are inaudible, but unfortunately for me, they occur about every second for several minutes at a time. (It's almost like hiccups, but it's not.) Nathan can observe them if he's close to me, and he is mystified: "Where can all that air even be coming from? You're making me question the fundamentals of the burping process."

I know, it's gross. I'll add it to the ever-growing list of "Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy."

Over the weekend early one morning I was laying with my head on his chest, and a burping fit ensued. I suddenly realized that Nathan was firmly and rhythmically patting my back, and I laughed, "Are you burping me?"

"Yes," he replied.

"You'll make a good dad; you already know how to burp babies."

"I won't burp the baby. If the baby needs to burp, it can burp itself, but we won't encourage it. Otherwise it may grow up to demonstrate excessive burping behavior, and wouldn't we regret that?"

the second

This morning as we were both waking up, I poked gently at "our little guy," as I have taken to doing lately, and said to Nathan, "I'm just so fascinated with navel-gazing these days, and I keep hoping one day our little guy will poke me back."

Nathan declared, "Please do not tap on the glass!"

Hah. That guy makes me laugh.

{That's pretty much why I married him.}

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  1. These made me laugh as well. Thanks for posting them!