Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend:

~ We had the music room plastered. {This is different from getting plastered in the music room, fyi, which we did not do.} Now there are walls there where before there were none. This is a good thing. ~

~ I had my ensemble audition which was the official beginning of my second {and final} year of my master's degree. I got nervous and messed some things up of course. But then apparently I kicked some serious you-know-what on the sight-reading. One of the faculty exclaimed, "You're the first person all day to play that perfectly!" {They had been hearing auditions since 9 am and mine was at 5 pm so... hmm.} So apparently I mess up on the stuff I actually practice and I do best winging it? ~

~ Our friends Cara and Gregg had a Labor Day/Housewarming party at their beautiful new digs. Everybody stayed for like seven hours, no joke. Obviously, it was a good party. A very good party. ~

I'm kind of excited for fall {tights! sweaters! boots! changing leaves! tea! warm soups! pumpkin oatmeal!} but stressed about too many things right now to be wholeheartedly excited I guess. Like, I have orchestra rehearsals or concerts on 9 out of the next 12 evenings, the kids' orchestra I conduct is starting up, I'm starting a violin class at a Montessori school in the area and I need to get organized for that, I have a student's mom giving me scheduling nightmares, grad school classes start tomorrow, I've had insomnia for the past four nights and I'm really tired, we still have to finish up a few projects at House #1, we need to get tenants in there, oh, and House #2 is a perpetual disaster zone.

On that note...

Have a beautiful day.

All shall be well, no doubt.

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  1. With that much to stress about, no wonder you're dealing with insomnia. I'm so sorry - insomnia always strikes me as the most unfair "reward" for too much going on. As if you don't have enough to do - now do it on no sleep!

    I know that you'll manage all the things on your list well, and I hope that you can get some sleep too. Love you!