Monday, September 26, 2011

Moved In

Our tenants moved into our rental house on Saturday. Even though there are still things we need to make sure happen -- things like hiring a painting crew to paint the exterior of the house, and making sure utility bills are in the right names now, and opening an escrow account for the security deposit -- it's a big weight off of both of us to have the place really, finally rented out.

{I was at the rental until 3:30 am Friday night cleaning... and poor Nathan was there all night! He was so kind to me and sent me home to sleep because I wasn't feeling well.}

We emailed the tenants and told them to hire a cleaning person if things weren't clean to their satisfaction, and send us the bill.

We really want them to be happy with the place.

But they wrote back and said they were quite pleased with everything.

So, yay. Yay us!

And if I never see a bucket of joint compound, a sanding screen, or a putty knife again, it will be too soon.

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