Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Northern CA Trip, Day 3

These nephews of mine love taking pictures!

Here's a cute one of Nephew #3, Josiah.

Nathan and I decided we ought to have some pictures, too.

This afternoon, I took Nephew #1, Jonathan, out for frozen yogurt.

Before we left, my Mom asked Jonathan, "Is Uncle Nathan going too, or is just Aunt Sarah taking you?" And he replied, "Just Aunt Sarah, because she is the BEST, and she always dresses the BEST!"

{I guess I've made a favorable impression! At least in the areas that really matter.}

Look at that chocolate face!

This evening, freeze tag was played:

Maggie was loved:

And a frog was caught:

In short, a very good day for three little boys.

{And a slightly tiring one for their Aunt Sarah. I guess my best freeze tag days are already behind me.}

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  1. Your nephews are the cutest! So glad you're have a great time. Cool frog!