Friday, April 29, 2011

What a Wonderful World

Yesterday I had my last class of the first year of my master's degree program.

Even though I still have a ten page paper (subject: Roy Harris and the Cold War) and a jury (repertoire: Paganini Caprice #14, Brahms Sonata No. 2, Bach Fugue from the C Major Solo Sonata), I can't help feeling like vacation has arrived.

Which means that even though I need to be studying and practicing, I can't help wanting to start all the projects I've been wanting to do, like sewing cloth napkins, going thrifting, and organizing the upstairs.

Today I compromised: I worked out, practiced, taught lessons -- and still found time to go for a walk with camera in hand.

The world is so beautiful right now.

On my doorstep:

In my backyard:

And in my front yard:

I meandered around the neighborhood. The trees are explosions of color:

The sky was the bluest blue today:

Yes, it was the kind of day where even weeds looked beautiful:

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