Friday, November 19, 2010


Tonight, in the middle of a rehearsal, I sneezed so hard I tweaked my back out, and didn't regain a full and comfortable range of motion for fifteen minutes.

It was weird, to say the least.

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  1. Damn yeah..that can happen.

    Especially to people with Crohn because also the joints are under stress with this condition.

    I read in an other blog that you wanted try a special diet to tweak did it go?

    In my experience my Crohn went tamer when i switched to a plant based diet and avoided too much protein but also simpler sugars.

    Scientists have proven that the hormones in animal based foods may trigger the body to develope Crohn..and my symptomes will go worse when i have stress,so with all the stress related hormones in meat it would be no wonder when you get the same reaction.

    The scientists said it has something to do with the protein because animal proteins are so similiar to the one in our body that the body my misinterpret them as bad cells, like the body is destroying cancer cells.

    And because animal cells are so similiar to ours, with Crohn the body is also attacking body cells which are fast growing, like the lining of the intestines, joints.

    There are so many things to find and to think about. Sometimes it gives me a headache but I think when I can hold up with all the research and work through all the papers I may find more which can help me and others.

    Simple sugars and carbs like with bleached flour may irritate the intestines when sugars are destructed by microorganism to alcohol and acids(formic acid)..and the fibers in whole foods catch that and keep it from harming the cells.

    I still have my chocolat or my cake and some milkshake, but not as much as before and i defenitely stocked up with fibers.