Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Consequences of Fatigue

Someone at the church where Nathan works pulled him aside today and said, "Could you please talk to your wife about yawning in church? I saw her yawning in the choir loft."

What I think he should have said: "Sure! As a matter of fact, since her yawn last week bothered you, I'll just tell her to stay home on Sunday mornings instead of getting up at 6:00 every week. I'll allow her to get some much-needed rest instead of volunteering her time both in the choir and as a violinist in the service of this church's music ministry. After all, she is working 30-40 hour weeks as a musician and teacher in addition to being a full-time graduate student, and I'm sure she could use a day of the week to sleep in. She really never gets a day off. She will so appreciate it - thank you for your consideration of my wife's well-being!"

What he actually said: "Sure, I'll mention it to her."

You see, I'm the wife of someone in ministry; no one wants to know how I am doing, but everyone likes to notice how I am behaving.


  1. Sarah, I'm sorry. I think it would be a very tough job being a ministry wife. Hang in there, and do try to get some sleep sometime. For YOUR sake, not hers! :)

  2. That comment was deplorable. Yawning is the body's way of getting the oxygen it needs to function. Tell me who it was, and I'll take care of it.

  3. and besides that, they should have had the common 9uncommon) courtesy of talking TO YOU--that way you coould have had the pleasure of shredding their behavior to their face!