Monday, October 18, 2010


It's funny how music affects people.

Sometimes I go to a piece of music hoping to experience it again the way I have in the past, and am surprised to find that it doesn't affect me. Over the past years, occasionally I listen to the 2nd movement of Beethoven's 7th Symphony when I want to hear something heart-wrenching, something deeply emotional. Recently I played it in a concert and was surprised to find that I didn't experience any particular "feeling" or "moment" at all while playing the work. [I guess it's impossible to conjure up elusive feelings, even under the influence of something as powerful as music.]

On the other hand, last night we celebrated Nathan's birthday at a restaurant. My Grandma's recent death was certainly on my mind, and Aselin Debison's (at least I think it was hers) Somewhere Over the Rainbow came on. I've never loved her version; the mixed-up lyrics were actually mildly annoying to me.

But suddenly I thought it was poignant, touching, beautiful. A most unexpected reaction.

It's nice to live a life filled with music, and yet still be surprised by it so often.

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