Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Lori at Fake Food Free recently pointed her readers to Waffleizer, a blog devoted to making anything and everything in a waffle iron - things like waffled soft pretzels, waffled chocolate chip cookies, and waffled paninis. (My friend Story used to make scrumptious paninis in her waffle iron, for lack of a panini press - although admittedly the deep frying step at waffleizer seems excessive to me!) There's also "s'moreffles," and even waffled pizza! (Nathan will either be ridiculously excited about this idea or alarmed by the irreverence of it; I can't decide which.) Arguably the most intriguing of all, there's waffled falafel. Waffled falafel! Say it and try not to smile. Don't you want to make it? I know I do.

The guy who writes Waffleizer has been featured in the Chicago Tribune for his waffleing endeavors. What seems to make bloggers successful, in the majority of cases, is finding a niche ranging from the merely unique to the fully bizarre, and going with it, be it cooking every one of Julia Child's recipes or making cheeseburgers in your waffle iron. I'm impressed by - and slightly jealous of - the people who think of these kinds of things and create their own blogging dynasties. I blog about nothing in particular - a friend even told me recently that I'm relegated to his "miscellaneous" category in Google Reader for lack of a defined subject matter - and that is why I'll never make a million dollars from this blog, however witty and charming my lucubrations may be.

Oh well. I'll comfort myself with making waffled falafel and enjoying the fruits of the success of others.

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